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 June 29, 2019

KiKi's Cuisine was blessed with our very first vending opportunity. We received RAVE reviews of our gourmet bean pie and made lasting community connections! Thanks to the HWHN Family!!!

REVEL RELOADED - The Alumnae Edition

 August 11, 2019

If you know me, you know Western High School holds a special place in my heart. She is the oldest public, all-girls high school in the country and I am a proud graduate! It was an honor to vend at this year's 1st Annual REVEL RELOADED! As you can see, we tweaked our display table and WE LOVE IT!!! Thanks again DOVES and DOVE friends for helping us SELL OUT!

Baltimore Queens of Poetry

 August 18, 2019

We are getting the hang of this vending thing. There were 2 shows and we vended for both. Needless to say, we left with crumbs. LOL The response to our KiKi Pies was amazing! Thanks to everyone who said "I don't eat bean pie" for supporting KiKi' Cuisine!!!! #NotYourAveragePie 

Bakers & Treat Makers EXPO

September 22, 2019

We need a video crew when we do events. lol This event was amazing! I never knew there were so many dessert makers of color in Baltimore. It was great to see, network and sample all the delicious goodies! Thank you, Cynthia, for your vision and your support!! 

Sisters Who Can Burn :
A Culinary & Beverage Tasting Experience

October 19, 2019​​​​

Sisters Who Can Burn was an amazing event. We debuted what is now known as #TheDrizzle which is a salted caramel accompaniment to our pie. The reviews were out of this world! And we met some awesome chefs with some delicious food. I'm excited to add this event to our yearly calendar!

And if you didn't know, proceeds from this event went to support breast cancer awareness organizations and efforts.

Dove Love 2019
Celebrating 175 Years of Light

November 1, 2019

Western High School is the oldest, public all-girls high school in the nation and on November 1st, she will be turning 175! As an alumna, it is always an honor to grace the halls of Our Dear Western, and a greater honor to be granted the opportunity to vend at this event. Stop by, get your #KiKiPie fix, try #TheDrizzle and get your Dove gear to hold you until Unity Day 2020!!!                                       #OfficialVendor #DoveLove2019 

The Birthday Brunch
Fascinators & Big Hats

November 3, 2019

Western High School is the oldest, public all-girls high school in the nation and on November 1st, she will be turning 175! We are celebrating 175 years of light by brunching! I am elated that we were asked to provide #KiKiPies for part of the dessert menu!! I can't wait to see everyone there! (This event is ticketed and sold out)