You would not believe you were eating beans if we didn’t tell you!

When you think of navy beans, the last thing you imagine is sweet and satisfying.

Our aim is to change that!

  1. Praesent in urna ac nisi rutrum blandit.
  2. Praesent in urna ac nisi rutrum blandit.

The Reviews are in....

  1. D. Nordine
    "The Bean Pie is hands down the BEST in Baltimore!"
  2. T. Wallace
    "The bean pies are to LIVE for!!"
  3. Y. Jackson
    "I tore those pies up!!"
  4. K. Jani
    "Your bean pie is on point"
  5. T. Sykes
    "Honey that thing was yummy!!!!"
  6. S. Montgomery
    "Listen...This bean pie is Da Truth!!"
  7. S. Hightower
  8. M. Mcneil
    "KIKI pies are the BEST"
  9. R. Muhammad
    "Yum yum yummy! Had to restrain myself!!"